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COC - Certified Outpatient Coder-Hospital

Outpatient Facility Coders code for Outpatient Facilities such as Ambulatory Surgical Centers.  Taking this COC certification preparation course will enable you to:

  • Gain proficiency in assigning accurate medical codes for diagnoses, procedures and services performed in the emergency department visits, outpatient clinic visits, same ASCs, and other diagnostic and therapeutic settings
  • Be knowledgeable of coding rules and regulations along with keeping current on issues regarding medical coding, compliance and reimbursement under outpatient grouping systems.
  • Better handle issues such as medical necessity, claims denials, bundling issues and charge capture
  • Develop the ability to integrate coding and reimbursement rule changes in a timely manner to include updating the Charge Description Master (CDM), fee updates and the Field Locators (FL) on the UB04
  • Correctly complete a CMS 1500 for ASC services and UB04 for outpatient services, including the appropriate application of modifiers
  • Develop working knowledge in the assignment of ICD-10 codes from Volumes 1 & 2
Note: ICD-10 PCS and DRG code assignment (inpatient coding) are not tested during the COC exam.

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